This video is about the first step for making motion capturing robot. The robot’s name is Choom which means “dancing” in Korean.

If you follow this video, you will be able to control one motor by using one sensor. If you follow all this video playlist, you will be able to make a motion capturing robot set.

The final goal for this project is making 2 kind of robots. One robot will be a master robot which has sensors on the body. The robot doesn’t have any motors. The only role for the mater robot is reading all the angle of its joints and sending the values to the slave robots. Other robots will be slave robots which have motors. They are going to move based on the master robot

In order to make the robots, we need to understand overall system. I am going to explain from the scratch. We will test only one servo by using one potentiometer which will be easy. In the stage, we don’t need any extra board but the Arduino. And then, I’m going to use 8 sensors for 8 motors with some extra boards. And then. We will send its data through wireless communication.

Finally, we will use 20 motors and 20 potentiometers for the humanoid robot. If you are worry about the source code, circuit or 3d files, don’t worry. I will share everything.



Eunchan Park