In the previous video, we could control 8 servo motors by using 8 potentiometers.

In this video, we are going to use the HC12 communication board so that we can remotely control the other robot. And also I’m going to show the outdoor test about working range.

When it comes to remote control project, Bluetooth seems like a standard method even though it is not easy to set up for the beginners. There are so many steps as you can see. In any situation, you have to set up by using AT commands so that they can communicate with one another. in some Bluetooth board. it is also strange that we have to keep pressing the setup button in order to setting up.

After doing few hours research, I found something good at last. It is HC-12

It is so easy to apply this module to your project. It can be bought for just 4 dollars. I think that its range is pretty impressive even though it is not that expensive. Best of all, The reason I bought this module is that I can send my message to all of the modules at the same time without any configuration. As long as they use the same channel, they can send and receive data. The HC-12 has 100 channels. This function seems like Zigbee. In short, with this module, the master robot can send its angle data to a large number of robots without any configuration.



Eunchan Park